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How ArtShare works

Real art on display in museums.  Be an owner, not just an investor.  Support artists and institutions you choose.  Connect with and help share stories you love.

1. Museums curate

Our museum partners select works from their collection that are meaningful with important stories to tell.

2. We fractionalize

ArtShare splits ownership into shares offered to the public.  There are SEC-approved regulated securities representing real ownership interest.

3. Investors benefit

As a shareholder and owner, you receive benefits from the museum, voting rights in decisions related to your artwork, and economic benefits as shares appreciate in value or if the artwork is sold outright.

4. Museums and artists benefit

Museums and living artists receive funds each time shares are traded.  You are directly supporting them with every share you buy.

5. Ongoing engagement

You will stay connected with your work over time as an owner: visiting your work, participating in periodic shareholder events at the museum, staying directly connected with the artist and museum through your ownership.  This is both an investment that is personal and a donation that lasts.  ArtShare is the future of art engagement.

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